Personal Sessions


Healing Session:

Although this can be altered the typical session goes like this...

I start off by bringing in your spirit family with a short "Calling in" I smudge your field and use a Tibetan bowl to raise the frequency. Next, I use steamed hot towels to prepare your feet for a meridian line reading, feels like a foot massage. I next open and balance the root chakra. You will then turn over and I will finish the next 6 chakras, sometimes I'm called to work in the 8th energy center. With each opening, I receive messages about your physical and mental body. I'm tapping into your energy field at this time of what you need to hear, you create your own life, therefore many of the messages are validations of what you already know and what you're feeling at this time. Even though I have intuitively read future scenarios I tend to focus more on what you need now. Next, I go into doing a Reconnective Healing.  This whole process takes 50 min to 70 min, so please allow 70 min in your schedule. $65

Long Distance Services:

Opening of the chakras with intuitive messages: I use a surrogate bear, go into level, take notes, and then email you the results. You do not have to change your schedule in any way. You may feel a sense of openness with the energy centers, sometimes more energized, sometimes a little sleepy. $40

Reconnective Healing: We will schedule a specific time that you are able to lay down for up to 45 mins. As I work in your field with this frequency you maybe feel many "Registers" as your body is reconnecting DNA strands. See tab for more information on Reconnective Healing and these "Registers" $40

Three Question Reading: Email your three questions through email, and I will email you back within 24 hours. Many times I'm able to get to them within a few hours. I do go into an altered state, smudge the space and use a surrogate bear which helps me tap into your energy. Realize the information given is what you need to hear at this time, and all the information needed.  Coming back to ask more questions would require another session as I need to prepare and get into an altered state once again. $40



Phone Coaching: Now, more than ever people are needing a comforting ear to help them with the uncertainty they are feeling. I've added this service after hearing time and time again from clients that I'm so easy to talk to. My down-to-earth non-judgemental personality makes it easy for my clients to open up. I do not take notes, and of course, all our sessions are confidential. I've had several clients stop seeing their other therapists because of how I could help them. 

If you just want someone to listen to or need techniques from someone who has experience and knowledge, I'm here for you.  I use the Law-Of-Attraction as a form of helping you manifest your desires into reality. If preferred I can also guide you through a meditation visualization while you're on the phone in the comfort of your own home.

Coming Soon:  I've recently received a message from spirit that I'm to do an online group class that is a little different than a typical Zoom "Class" Instead of sitting on a computer viewing everyone as I talk, this will be an actual healing session taking place in my healing space as you lay comfortably in your own home. You will have a choice to just lay down eyes closed and listen to my voice as I guide you or you can sit comfortably and watch as I work energetically on you using the techniques I would if you were actually here. I've been doing long-distance sessions for some time now, but it's always been just working on one individual. 

I believe that whoever joins in at the same time is a collective of souls needing the messages received as a group, and the channeled light and information is for all that par-take. A surrogate bear is used as a visual which also helps me as a tool to have in place of your physical body. 

My space is finally set-up after my move, so I will be educating and practicing using the avenue of Zoom before I can offer it. Please "Like" my Facebook page to get updates.





Please note: 

No shows and last minute cancels will need to pay for the session if you want to re-schedule. I realize emergencies come up, but unlike most spas that need a credit card ahead of time and 24 hours notice, all I ask is for a 4 hour or more heads up, thank you for understanding.

Ostara Light Healing

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