Personal Sessions



In-Person Full Sessions: Beginning August 18th, I will have my office set up at Dr. Fogarty's clinic at 43570 Kavanaugh Rd, Cable, WI

The Ostara Light Healing Experience: This is my standard session that has a combination of opening the chakras while receiving messages and energy healing.


I like to "clear" your field before I begin, by either doing a drum wash or using a Tibetan bowl. Smudging is also another option. I will then shake and/or move the residual energy off the body, this also relaxes you. I normally begin with your face down, as I open the root chakra. Sometimes crystals or specific plant oils are used. Every session is different based on the individual and what is needed at the time of the appointment. I then do most of the work with you on your back as I open up the other chakras. With each energy center, I receive information from your "spirit family" about what can be helpful for you, and many times future scenarios to keep you on track in your life. Reconnective Healing is done for the last 15 mins of the session. $80/60 mins. when using a credit card or $75/60 mins with cash or check payment.

In-Person Intuitive Reading: Sitting or laying down I will first cleanse your field with smudging, a Tibetan bowl, or a drum wash.  I then scan your body and receive information that is needed for you at this time. Come with questions and ask as many as time will allow. I offer 30-minute sessions for $45 or 60-minute sessions for $70. $65 for cash payments.

Touch of a Medicine Woman: Similar to an Aroma Touch Technique, DoTerra essential oils are applied to certain areas of the body and lightly brushed into the skin with hand application. Because this is so individual use of some oils and placement will be different for each session.   Hot steamed towels are used on the feet and hands with an added foot and hand massage. This is part of a detox protocol and it's advised to not have much planned after your session. You will leave feeling very relaxed just like after a massage, and leave smelling amazing too. $111. Allow 60-70 mins.

30 Minute session: Wheather you're wanting to try a session out without the full hour commitment or only have 30 mins, I've decided to offer this choice. We will go straight into healing areas of your body or if you prefer open up the chakras to get the energy flowing to receive messages. You may also choose a 30 min. Reconnective Healing session. $45  

Qi-ssage: Coming Soon!

Add on's:  

* Foot massage/Reading: First used are hot steamed peppermint infused towels to prepare your feet, next an organic massage cream "I Am Refreshed" scent is massaged into the feet and lower legs. Following meridian lines on the feet may help with stored issues in the body and often times a mini reading is done. 10 mins/ $15.

*One, Two, or Three question reading: Add this to your "Touch of a Medicine Woman" plant oil healing. Each question $10/10 mins (each question)

Long Distance Services:

Energy Healing: You do not have to change your schedule in any way. You may feel a sense of openness with the energy centers, sometimes more energized, sometimes a little sleepy. At the beginning of the day, you will email me your physical or emotional issues that are your greatest concern. I will use several modalities such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Healing, or Matrix Energetics. I will email you the results of what I felt on my end and if any intuitive messages came up of what you can do to further healing that is right for your body and mind. $50

Phone call session:  We will schedule a specific time outside my store hours. You will lie comfortably in your own space as I do some drumming. You will start by telling me what you would like to be healed, I will work with your body energetically long-distance with the intent to help the body and your mind to heal. You may feel the heat, and tingling, see colors, and feel other sensations as the healing is taking place. Your guides help me relay information about what is happening in the body, why, and what life changes you can make to help heal. You may also ask me any specific questions on any topic. This part is an intuitive reading. This takes about 50-60 minutes. $65

Three Question Reading: Email your three questions through email, and I will email you back within 24 hours. Many times I'm able to get to them within a few hours.  Realize the information given is what you need to hear at this time, and all the information needed.  Coming back to ask more questions would require another session as I need to prepare and get into an altered state once again. $50

Payments: Are now taken on the phone before your session. All cards are accepted. If you're scheduling more than a week out, partial payment is taken to hold your spot. This payment is non-refundable if a cancelation is made less than 24 hours before your appointment, or you no show for your appointment. 


Ostara Light Healing Session: Bundle of 3 Sessions: $199 (Add $5 for cc)

Touch of a Medicine Woman: Bundle of 3 Sessions: $299 




Emergencies can come up. If you can't make your appointment please cancel within four hours of your scheduled visit or appointment.


Last-minute and no-shows are hard on small businesses, therefore I would appreciate payment due to taking up that slot. All further appointments would need to be paid in advance.

Thank you for understanding