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Because the shop has a large welcoming yard, you will find a table and chairs to enjoy your lunch surrounded by beautiful flowers. Unique swings and chairs to relax in while reading a book you found at the book store down the road or your coffee or tea from one of the two unique coffee shops nearby.

Also in the front yard are a few large trees. One tree near the sidewalk will be the KalpaVriksah tree. A manifesting tree that fulfills your wishes and desires. 

Kalpa= Imagination or Vision

Vriksah=A tree

This term coined in Hinduism as a wish-fulfilling divine tree

How this will work is I will have natural twine strung from the branches, you will take a piece of colorful material provided at the tree and either write your wish or hold the ribbon in your hand before tying it to the twine. How pretty that will be to have tons of colorful ribbons from tourists and locals hanging from the tree.

To make your intention/wish even more special. I will have an evening ceremony on or around the time of the new moon at 8 PM. You would bring an offering to the tree such as birdseed, flower petals, a special rock, or crystal to put at the base of the tree and give the tree a hug. On the full moon, it would be the same but your reason would be coming to the tree with the intent of letting something go in your life. 

I see couples coming here before getting married, children who already play with the Law of attraction naturally, someone going through a rough time in their lives and needs a little magic, and so on.

About Us

The Healing Shop is a small unique shop that is focused on zero-waste, organic, and feel-good gifts and daily essentials.

In the small block of women-owned shops in Cable, WI sits a cute storefront that was once a home, built in 1865. The front half of the store is the Healing Shop. A little farther back is the area where I set up the healing table during Tuesdays and Sundays to do sessions. I also have a workstation beyond that where I make all of my apothecary products. Look for the large black cabinet filled with homemade healing products, bath, and body.

We also carry products that have received rewards and are featured in many magazines such as the Mad Hippie skincare line, a vegan chocolate bar company, and Sunleaf Soaps.

We've also become a shop in the Northwoods known to carry a line of crystals. The Turkish Towels have been a hit ever since the doors opened.

Other fun items you will find are "Sacred Pouches", non-toxic candles, organic makeup, gift boxes, essential oils, organic zero waste kitchen supplies, handwoven unique blankets, and bolga baskets.

Check out our website to view the products or place an order, we ship!