Yoni steaming has been around for a long time, but here in the US it's just starting to become a thing. Is steaming your private parts needed for cleaning? No, our bodies already do that for us. Is this dangerous like some sites say? No, only if you have the steam too close to your skin. 

The reason I wanted to have this in my shop is because personal and group women's ceremonies have become a needed enjoyable way to heal and a way to get to know your true self. Rituals have been done for thousands of years in every culture around the world.

Yoni steaming is using the highest qualitiey organic plants/tea, bringing it to a boil, letting it cool, then placing them in either a basin, which you would squat over, while wrapping a blanket around your body, use an actual yoni steaming chair, you can purchase these online, or a plastic foldable insert that you hang from your toilet. (Amazon). The steam opens the pores of the skin and travels inward. Certain herbs are used that are safe, yet detoxifying. Many women use this before and after menstruation, after childbirth, or to cleanse onself after an intimate encounter either concensual or non-concensual. Energetic trauma is very real, and by honoring your body with a ceremonial steaming you may feel a sense of peace, purification, and loved by yourself for taking care of yourself. 

Suggestions: Find a time where you can be alone for 30 mins. Prepare your tea by putting 1/2 cup  in a pot with enough water to fill the basin you are using (usually around 2 quarts, bring to a boil. After turing off heat, let the hot water draw out the medincial properties of the tea. Prepare yourself a cup of your own drinking tea or lemon water. Energetcially cleanse the area you will be sitting at, you can use sage, rattle, singing bowl, drum, high frequency music or toning sounds. Put on a cozy pair of socks, have a robe nearby. use a large towel or blanket for wrapping yourself. 20 mins is usually recommended. There are many ways you can make this your ceremony, find one online that calls to you. Some even just read, meditate, or do breathing exercises. EFT is highly recommended if you suffered trauma. After pouring tea into basin check with the back of your hand for temperature. It should feel very warm, but not hot where you have to pull away your hand.

*This is not intended as a form of healing for injuries, cuts, diseases etc. see your Dr. if you are questionable about the use of yoni steaming. I am not liable for any damage to your skin. I only supply this as part of a ceremony for yourself.

The herbs in this bag were hand picked by a local woman who makes her own line of skincare. She foraged in the wild to bring you the most highest form of energy to come from herbs. Please be careful where you are buying your herbs from as many have been chemically sprayed.

Yoni Steaming herbs~Large bag