After being attuned as a Reiki master I went on to get certified in Reconnective Healing and Matrix Energetics. I feel more guided to offer the frequency that these newer modalities offer even though I believe Reiki has been naturally downloaded a higher energy to all practioneners or so I had felt that before being trained in R.H. When I do long distance I do use a surrogate bear as it's a helpfful tool at staying focued on a specific area to do Quantum Touch, which is sandwiching the part on the body that needs healing channeled into it. In person you would be feeling a lot, and I mean a lot of heat (Every client has) and some feel tingling and other sensations. This can happen long-distance as well, so I ask that you pay attention to the feelings that take place when I give you the time that I will be working on you. And that is basically it, you won't receive any messages so therefore no email after the session. Look forward to more healing taking place as you sleep the night of the healing. Since time goes faster long-distance, I'm normally working on your for approximately 30 mins.

Long distance Reconnective Healing, Alignment,Quantum Touch


    Ostara Light Healing

    Hayward, WI


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