Because going through each chakra takes at least 30 mins, you will be given the message that comes through when I'm at your crown chakra that is most valuable of what you need to know or do. This is then emailed to you.


Balancing an energy center:


Our 7 main centers can become blocked and not "Spin" properly, if the first 3 survival chakras are blocked it's hard to have an open heart chakra, therefore not allowing you to use your full potential of the 3 top spiritual centers. After doing a smoke and toning cleanse on each one, I will energetically bring in a frequnecy that even clients at a distance can feel. I've had some feel sleepy and even fallen alsleep when this is being done. There is a reason if it's blocked and in a normal full session you would get a message for each chakra, but during this shortened version I ask your guides to channel the most important messge that you need to hear at this time. A prayer is used to call them in at the beginning and a thank you closing is done after the session.

Long Distance Energy Center Balancing with a message.


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