Blended with mango butter and an aloe based cream, specific essential oils that provide healing for many skin ailments are whipped in. Available at the Refill station. Save $1.50 per refill.

Essential oils used and their benefits:


Blue Yarrow-Used anciently to heal battle wounds

Frankincense-Used for millennia to disinfect and heal wounds

Lavender-Well-known for it's ability to heal burns and wounds, itching, and bug bites

Tea Tree-Carried by Australian soldiers in their first aid kits for it's disinfecting and healing qualities, relieves painful and irritated skin

Roman Chamomile-One of Saxons nine sacred hers for healing wounds, eases skin conditions like eczema, and rashes

Thuja-Helps with respiratory loosens phlegm, bacterial skin infections, joint pain, muscle pain, warts, insect repellent, boots immune system.

Love prayer-Helps with raising the frequency of any product due to intention of helping others.

Magical Healing Salve 4 oz