This organic based cream is for face and hands. A little goes a long way.I  take specific crystals and infuse them into a big bow of cream. This is done on certain days of the moon cycle, either full or new moon. I then choose specific essential oils. Because the healing oils are channeled I don't do a line of different scents. Spirit helps me choose certain crystals, oils, and frequencies of energy at the time of making. If you purchase or receive this cream, you got it specifically for what you need it for. Healing can be done in many ways. consider this as a prayer. 


I'm offering 2 for $12. Shipping will be added to this cost, so I have faith that payment will be made after I ship it so I know exactly how much it is as this isn't done often so I don't know how to calculate about how much it will be for each area.


I don't have a photo of the label I'm currently using which is different from above but it is a natural craft label with black ink labeled High Frequency cream and my website. A little photo of an herb is printed on the label as well. The scent for this batch is very earthy and grounding with EO of Rosewood, clove, cinnamon, organe, Ylang, Ylang, and Fennel.

High Frequency Cream


    Ostara Light Healing

    Hayward, WI


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