Make your purchase here, take 10 mins to close your eyes and ask your guides.."What is my message I need at this time?" or if you have 3 questions write them down to send to me by email, understanding that the answer is for your highest good and all involved. Within a day I will set aside time to work on my surrogate bear,  and allow your guides message to come through. Please use my email and sign your first name only. 


Please try to not over explain your question, or give me any details about you, so that the message comes through pure from spirit. Your guides already know the details. and most of the time it's best to even just to be open to hearing the message of what you need to know at this time.


If other questions are asked and I need to do another reading you will be asked to pay for another session. This can take anywhere from 30 to 45 mins of my time.


The sale price has been extended until our situation has calmed down and people are able to be back at work.

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    Ostara Light Healing

    Hayward, WI


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