Wow, I'm feeling another shift

When a new opportunity enters my thoughts I act on it immediately. Sometimes I should think it through first, but I'm business minded and believe you could lose that opportunity if you don't act fast. I don't have a definite answer yet but will announce it when I do. So for right now I will continue to work out of my home Mon-Fri from 10 am to 5 pm.

I think the thought entered because I feel sometimes clients are hoping for more when they come in, and I hate thinking that maybe I'm not good enough to be doing this work. But then as soon as I'm in that place, I get a client who goes on and on about how good the session was, how they can feel the gift I have from my hands and my soul who truly wants to help people. I've had many clients who didn't have to have surgery after a healing session to clients who didn't feel any major healing taking place but just felt relaxed and nurtured. From my studies I know that a true healer is really a conduit of the energy. The healing is between the client and "The higher power, higher self, or God" whatever your beliefs. so basically it is up to you to allow, to be ready.

So I'm asking that when you come in, have an open mind of allowing for whatever is to happen happen without expectations. Know that you are coming to my space that has been put together for you to give you a stress free experience, and true compassion of helping you on your journey to healing. This can be as simple as getting away from your daily life for an hour to let go and allow comfort to an experience that can change your life and give you hope that everything is going to be okay.

Much love and compassion from me to you.

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