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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Last week I wrote a long blog on my decision to go back to only doing men's sessions because I thought that is where my true gift was, but there was also another reason.

As many of you know I moved into this large renovated house almost a year ago. I haven't had to pay this much rent and have the expenses I have with my other homes I owned, and my schedule was very busy then often turning down up to 10 clients a day. So money was never an issue, but now I've been tapping into my savings a little too much, decided to sell the "Little House of Healing" due to a lot of reasons, but mostly money. I've even considered getting a part time job, and might still think about that, although it might be easier to downsize.

Switching up my services I know takes time to build, it's like starting another business and I have savings to fall back on. Here's the other reason, and this blame is put on me. Why do I feel I need to give women a discount and not men? I spend twice as much time on my female clients as men, we just love to talk , and I apologize if I ever kept you too late as we sat at the table after our appointment. I must stop that. Just like I stick to my rates and guidelines for men, I need to do the same for my female clients. Maybe I feel us women still struggle more, and if I can give someone a break I'm going to do it. So far these changes, and gifting hasn't worked for me. I know how the Law Of Attraction works. The universe has always provided for me. But this January was a rough month, being sick for 3 weeks didn't help, but it left me in a place I haven't felt in a long time. I question staying here, I've been fantasizing about cutting back and living simply once again., even moving to another state. I tend to run away from myself when I doubt what I have to offer. But this dream has come up over and over for the last 6 years. I might just be in panic mode, so we will see what happens

I contacted my trusted intuitive coach and was told that I can get out of this funk with seeing women clients, that I am helping them, oh yea that was another limited belief I had. That there are too many other better healers out there, and I should just take a back seat on that and do what I know best. But I did listen to his advice and put all my services back up again.

I will have one more mini Expo here for Valentine's Day, which I'm very excited for, but unfortunate;y I won't be doing any more of those. I find myself putting in too many hours and invest funds that I never get back. I will just be doing my own events from 90 mins to full day retreats.

Lastly I want to apologize for going back and forth with changes. There was a major life change for me in 2019 like there was for many of us. I have to say to myself it's okay to change your mind, but in business it could mean confusion with clients, so I just wanted to say sorry about that. Having gone through business changes I feel I learned so much more about the process it takes.

So if you're also going through a change in your career/life path let me and your guides help you get some clarity, What is your true hearts desire? How long is it going to take you to make the move? This new decade starts now, so this shift that you make is preparing the path for the next 30 years (That part I heard from an astrologer) Our planets are in alignment to help, but we need to make the first move.

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