Why do some people with the same issue as I get better, and I don't?

No matter what your illness or issue is, I bet there is at least one person on this earth that has healed from it. We call it a miracle when this happens. But if you compare the will and mindset of the one who can heal from anything, and the ones who don't you will find some of these reasons why.

Our belief system: If you were told your issue is not curable, or rare, and you believe it then that is your outcome.

Many of us when we come down with a dis-ease in our body, or even aches and pains that seem to be lasting a while, either we run to the Dr. or start googling. Most likely if we google we will find many others with the same issues, read their complaints, and some have even started groups (Support groups are great if the goal is to focus on what's working to heal, not how the issues are making us miserable.) What we focus on expands!

If you go to the Dr. if you're lucky she/he will have an open mindset about healing the mind, body, and soul. Physically we are often are just given a prescription to try for our diagnosis and to come back if it doesn't work. Unfortunately for some, this can takes months or years of testing different drugs that sometimes you have to be on for the rest of your life. You never actually heal, you're given something that makes you feel more comfortable. Has your Dr. talked to you about visualizing your illness leaving and seeing yourself as healthy again, or have they talked to you about what you consume, breathe in, or put on your body can create toxins in your body? (Which may be the reason why you're sick, to begin with)

Stress: oftentimes the body reacts to your stress levels. I won't get into too much about adrenaline and that stress puts you in the flight or fight mode because that is a separate blog. Your body reacts to what's in your mind, again if all you worry about is your issue you can't get better from that state of mind. I highly recommend meditating and reading Joe Dispenza's books. There are millions of stories to focus on online about people who have healed because of their minds, and how thankful they are for what they do have, and not what they don't have. Are you just accepting your issues because you were told it's genetic and there's nothing you can do about it? That is easy to believe, but again look up who has healed from the same illness you have, if it's all genetic then how come they were able to heal?

Serving a Purpose: This goes along with Stress. I remember my Reconnective Healing teacher stating that about 80% of people will heal after they come to you, and he found out firsthand why that 20% weren't. A group had come to him with all the same issues, They all worked together in an unsafe workplace, they were in the process of suing, but were miserable and wanted some relief. He said that if they healed quickly they wouldn't have gotten the settlement so in their mind being sick needed to stay. It can also be as simple as a guy with a sore back who used to get asked all the time to help out moving or doing odd jobs from family and friends, he had no free time for himself but had a hard time saying no, so he was being taken advantage of. so one day he hurt his back, he now had a valid excuse as to why he had to say no, but he was in pain and wanted to be able to do the things he loved, so he went to numerous specialists, even energy healers and still wasn't getting better, you can see where I'm going with this.

Empathy: Some of us just want good old sympathy, and the attention it gets us is too nice to want to let go of. Maybe your mom, spouse, and friend all do things for us now, We don't have to work as hard anymore, the system now gives us disability so we don't have to do adulting anymore. Telling this to someone who's in this situation would break their heart, how can someone want to live this painful existence and not be able to do all the fun things they used to do? Do they really just want a pass on living life to its fullest? Sometimes no, sometimes yes. I know I would hate to have to ask people close to me to do everything for me. I twisted my ankle for the third time and couldn't walk for 3 months. Friends and family kept asking me if I needed anything, I hated saying yes, I only did it when absolutely necessary, I would have rather paid a stranger to go get me groceries. But I did feel the love coming from people and man that does feel good. And yes, it was nice to use not being able to walk to get out of working for a while, but I knew this would eventually be a burden, I knew it wasn't healthy to post about it, show pictures of my ankle, to complain how hard it was to move around, to gain extra weight because all I was doing now was watching Netflix. My healthy mind said let's work on getting better by seeing ourselves climb those beautiful hills, walk in the forest, and get in a kayak. That to me was quite simple, it wasn't a long-term illness, I could have taken drugs for the pain and swelling, but I just used some essential oils and ice. I can preach about this and some might say well you've never had anything that was really threatening. Well yes, my extra body weight has been a long-term issue. I do know my excuse for keeping it on, I do complain to my closest friends about it, but I'm not going to post about it daily because I know the more I make this "my story" the larger those neuropathways get in my brain. The more you focus on what's wrong, the longer you focus on it, the more it becomes who you are, your personality, and the harder it will be to change. That's why when I know I have a client coming in who's had an issue for a while that it's going to take a lot of change/work. Also, they aren't going to want to have to do any "work" to change their personality, it's too uncomfortable, I know because I'm right there with these people. When we finally change after having something for a while is when we hit rock bottom, it's when the uncomfortableness of staying how we are becomes more uncomfortable than doing the work to change. We become more open to trying something new, or if we've done the research and know the protocols that can help us because it's worked for that other person. I'm going to end here because this has become longer than I hoped. But I really wanted to explain this out there in the open so that maybe my clients will read this and not think I'm just picking on them.

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