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Some people don't like to see you grow, they want you to remain the same. But only you know what's best for your spirit, you might lose some friends or business clients, but in the end you are giving them permission to grow as well.

My work as been pretty much been the same until this past year, but I felt and just know I can do more then relieve some achy muscles. When energetic healings started taking place on some it was amazing, and I always wished I could do that for more clients, but have learned I'm not the healer, the client comes to you when they are ready, and I'm here just to assist, like opening the door for you to allow it to happen. We can actually energetically heal ourselves but be able to let go in the comfort of a "healer" can allow this to happen more easier.

Along this path, the more clients I worked with the more I started receiving messages, I sometimes get images in my mind, hearing words, sometimes even smelling a certain odor, symbols start to represent what I'm to relay. This past month I did my first booth, I didn't know what kind of session I would be doing, but was guided to do an 11 minute intuitive read and help the client project "On a screen-called Remote viewing" of the change they wanted for themselves. I saw 24 women and the messages flowed mostly fluid. After that day, I knew this is where I need to go with my work. Until I get enough clients for this I will continue doing my relaxation session. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me.

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