What's happening or changing for my 9th year in business!

Even though my hours to see clients is still 40 hours a week, calling the same day will be more of a hit or miss if I can see you. Because I can't rely on last minute scheduling, I had to take on a part time job that provides a more stable income. Calling at least a day in advance is strongly recommended, but feel free to take a chance if your schedule opens up the same day.

As you know I've been doing more Expos, classes, and workshops, and will be adding many more in the next week. But my new exciting project that is finally happening is creating a "Healing House" for clients/guests to stay for an overnight or short sabbatical as a safe comforting place to begin or continue your journey of healing. The focus on this place will be to provide a spa-like vintage look and feel that is pleasing to all the senses for victims of abuse. I plan to have a sliding fee scale based on donations to make it so low income victims can use the space. More details and pics of this space can be found on this site and on Facebook, another thing I'm working on this week. This is a separate home (tourist rooming house) located in another location in Stevens Point than my healing center.

Even though I've slowly decreased my relaxation sessions, my energy healing, and intuitive messages/coaching has been increasing. I still feel the hands on healing is what makes my sessions stand out, and is my true gift. We all need human touch, and when it's done with love and received for the benefit of relaxing and healing, you will get the greatest amount of relief in a professional environment that is nurturing with great results.

Back yard of Ostara's Little House of Healing. That dog house has got to go.

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