What's happening for Fall?

Many of us lightworkers are feeling a shift in our work. I know myself I'm seeing some clients that are needing a deeper level of work, work that needs a life altering and transforming experience to get them on track with how they want to be in this world. I say this a lot but globally we are really shaking up, and it's a metaphor for our own lives. Do you really want to keep continuing to wallow in sadness, frustration, and lower forms of energy in your lifestyle?

Lately sessions seem to go longer than expected. It's been hard stopping at the hour mark when more work needs to be done and/or conversing about the session taking place afterward, luckily this is my slow season right about school time so I leave enough time in between clients. I'm going to offer a shorter session and longer one and will be working on the menu this weekend. At the time of the appointment I will ask you which session you prefer, and will make the effort to stop at the appointed time.

For women clients wanting a full on "Makeover" I do offer an afternoon of a transformation type experience one on one.(See menu) I am starting group transformations to give you a unique experience for a lower cost held at different healing places in Stevens Point and surrounding areas. My first one to be held on October 13, 2018 at a Lodge in Iverson Park, details on main page. I also plan on doing women's circles a couple times a year to mystical locations for weekend getaways. I would love to hear from you if this would be of interest, as I want to see the need first before doing the heavy planning.

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