Time for an update

I couldn't believe when I opened this blog that it's been over a year since I've written. hardly anyone sees this any ways, but I did post that I would be writing a blog tonight to speak about changes so here we go...

I love having a shop, and I love making some of the products in my shop. So Ostara Light Healing has really taken a back seat. When any healer helps clients it can be both rewarding and draining. It's not the clients draining us, it's preparing to be our 100% to do the best we can. You're putting your health in our hands. So when I'm running two other businesses and these are new businesses so I'm doing everything, from building a website, ordering, keeping up with social media, spending after work hours making up products, then the only time I can see clients are on my day off. Every time it gets to be too much, I post that I can't see clients right now. And you know what happens when I do that? More start calling, it's like the universe is saying, oh no you don't people need you. I really thought I wouldn't get enough clients living in a small town of 800, that is why I opened a shop in the first place. It is nice having a balance though, the shop is fun, I can use my creative side when I make things to sell in the shop, and healing people is rewarding.

Now that a year has passed, I have found what months are most busy, and focus more on the shop, then in the winter close the shop down to see clients on some days. That has worked pretty well, but besides the three businesses I'm running out of the same house, I also live here. I'm bursting at the seams. I posted this on social media, that I received an email about an offer from a couple who are going to let me rent their house since they don't live here anymore. This will give me space to set up the kitchen for making up my products, and set up a permanent area for doing healings. I was thinking of expanding the shop in the back as well, but then I would still have the issue of needing to turn away clients when the shop is open. So I feel I can still keep the shop small, and because it has a wall/door dividing the two spaces, I can hire someone to run the shop while I'm in back seeing clients. Changes in the sessions are happening as well. This decision came to be after watching a Netflix series on Charlie Goldsmith. As I watched him do healings on people I found my eyes and/or my clients eyes would flutter like his does. I'm now taking his program online to get more insight on how I can have shorter sessions like he does and instead of me opening the chakras, doing a reading on the body, and ending with Reconnective Healing, you can now choose to do shorter sessions and go right to an energy healing. I know many people like the whole session and getting a reading, but I want to be able to offer just the healing. Because I'm a medical medium and can read what's going on in your body, many things that come up about your issues due to what you are consuming, I know most of you don't want to hear that you shouldn't be eating eggs, or cheese, etc, you just want your issue to be healed. A miraculous healing is never guaranteed, not with even the best healer on this planet, so I never felt comfortable being put on the spot that I was going to give you that miracle. Now over the last 11 years that I've been doing this I saw many miracles happen on my table, that always gave me confidence to continue, but when some sessions ended and the client wasn't fully cured (I'm not Jesus, it what I sometimes say)then I feel like I wasted your time and money. It's a tough job to know people are coming in with these high expectations, just like when you going to a regular Dr. you hope what they say and give you is going to help. So by doing shorter sessions with a sliding fee scale on the rate, I feel that it will take off some of that pressure.

One last thing. I've done sessions with such profound information coming through, accuracy about someone's health without knowing beforehand, and some miraculous healings, and was so thankful that many spread the word by telling family and friends. But I'm asking you if it's not too embarrassing or takes up too much of your time that you also leave a review. I don't like asking someone after a session or individually because I don't want to put anyone on the spot, so asking this way gives you a choice where you're not being pressured to do so. but doing so really helps a business, especially one like this, where new people looking for a healer will want to read reviews first. So thank you in advance for taking the time to write me a review.

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