This is really taking off

Well I'm all settled now and have been seeing clients for a couple weeks. I love the new place, my clients love the new place, and better yet I'm surprised how my dream of having a wellness center for other therapists, speakers, and healers has taken off so quickly. We had 3 workshops/classes already and this coming Wednesday a unique class is being added. Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls, we are hoping this will be a regular event. Another regular event will be what's called "Friday Night Live" where the 3rd Friday of every month a well known psychic medium will do a gallery reading for a small audience and when your past loved ones come through she will share their message to you. Rhiana Hill has been doing this for over 30 yrs throughout the states but we are blessed to have her here in Central WI.

Because many of these classes are on weekends and evenings, I really must stick with my daytime schedule seeing clients. I have often tried to be flexible as I know it's hard to come see me during the day. I'm already available 40 hours during the week, and it's almost impossible to stretch myself beyond that. I'm also reconstructing a small home ona couple acres here in Stevens Point, It has a stream running thru it and many acres of woods and wetlands in the backyard. The reason why I'm sharing this is I plan to host this house to guests for either speakers or clients who drive a long distance to come to my center. It will set up like an Airbnb, but not for the general public. Hopefully it will be done by summer.

Look for a monthly schedule of all the events happening here...that's if I can figure out how to navigate this website to do that.

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