Thank you for 10 years in Central WI

I thought I would see a handful of clients one last time, but with all the projects, selling, and packing I knew not only would my place be a mess but I wouldn't be able to give you the service you deserve at my 100%.

I'm not sure yet where I will be working at once I get to Hayward, I've thought about using an extra room in a rental I will be at, with their permission of course, then I thought about during the 8 months at this rental that I would work just part-time elsewhere, keep writing my book while searching for my own place. Then thoughts of having my own little shop downtown got me excited because I really miss retail. I used to own a gift basket shop that had a little soda fountain counter in it. I loved talking with locals daily, other downtown business owners and tourists.

I see a lack of what I want to carry at this store from all the other shops downtown in Hayward but I do need to investigate a little further of what the community and tourists really want. I would then also have a separate healing space where I would perform intutitve readings and healings in the back of the store. As I research and then decide I will keep you all up to date on my next action.

I'm so excited to be in the North woods, where the air is cleaner, natural springs all over and life is little simpler. I hear winters can be even longer than Central Wi, but I do enjoy going inward in the winter, and on warmer winter days, getting out the snow shoes and hiking through the forest trails. The most important thing is I will be minutes from my daughter who has enjoyed the North woods for many years. She has a lot of hidden magical places to show me, hardly touched by man. Leaving behind my son will be the hardest, even though he is an adult he is still my baby boy and a mom tends to worry about not being close enough to her children. So I will be back to Steven's Point many times to not only catch up with him, but the rest of the family, and my friends.

Wish me luck!


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