Spring is coming!

Have you been wallowing in this darkness of winter? We've been having sun thankfully, but it's taking a toll on me lately. I thought to myself I have some fun things coming up that I'm attending myself, but I want to also give other's something to look forward to. So during my morning meditation today ideas started to flood through me.

I'm figuring in another month my space will be all freshened up, spring will be in the air, and I want to open up some time for classes on "Rebirth" New beginnings, empowerment, and teaching energy healing techniques to awaken our bodies and soul. I plan to keep class sizes to 4 to 5 ladies, and I will have a few different style classes to choose from. They will be 3 hour classes for $33. You may get together your own group of friends and pick a topic or attend a scheduled class yourself and meet new friends.

Instead of doing emailing for updates, I will open a Facebook group or you may get updates on my "blog community" This will be our "Tribe" where we can share about the event or even daily on our improvements or for support.

Theses classes will be close/during the Spring Equinox and Autumnal Equinox. You may pick from weekend afternoons to weekday evenings from 6pm-9pm.

Look for class descriptions and dates under my menu bar "Workshops" in the next week. If you have any suggestions or a topic or speaker you would like to contribute, I will soon have the Blog community open for you to comment.

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