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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

One last hurdle today to see if the appraisal of my home goes through for my buyer. Closing is set for March 20th. So for the next couple weeks I will be packing, moving, and setting up an expanded alternative space in a large historic home on the West side of Stevens Point.

The space will be set up for other therapists, healers, readers, teachers, and more to use as flex space. Sometimes full day workshops, other times coming in for a couple hours to see their own clients.

For all guests I will have a self serve coffee/tea bar. Using award winning Ruby coffee. There are three doors leading out to different porches and the wrap around deck, which will have fun swings, and comfy chairs to enjoy a hot or cold drink.

I'm also adding an Infrared Sauna. Use before, after a session, or stop on a regular basis to get the healing benefits from this modality.

What's unique about this old 1890's house is it has been completely renovated. Stone, brick, bamboo floors and metals keep the air quality clean. Also an abundance of fresh plants, air purifier, and essential oils,. I only use non toxic cleaners, soaps, and laundry soap.

I will be expanding my website to give a monthly view of all the happenings at the center. I will also have information for renters wanting to use the space.

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