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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

I've been having so much fun this summer meeting new friends, attending circles, retreats, taking a mini Vaca to Bayfield, and relaxing on my porch that I'm played out. The urge to work is inspiring me to put myself out there, and do what I love the most and that is helping people heal!

Now if I could just find someone to help me with all this technical stuff, how to advertise on the web and Facebook, I could reach out to more people. I might get 50 to 100 people who will even see this blog. When I see the way a client transforms on my table, when I get feedback of how good one feels after a session with me, I just want to stand on my roof and hollar, I can help you. I have the tools, I have the gifts, now get over here.

When I ask my clients to post a review they often don't want their business of illness or struggle posted for all to see. I do relaxation techniques that relax you so I can truly heal you at an energetic level. What I ask of my readers is to just try it once, be open to the energy that can heal you, be open to receiving messages from spirit. Yes it's still "Out there" for most, and many still fear it for some reason. Believe me I won't tell you you're going to die in car crash next Thursday. My messages are being given to give you insight on what's going on in your body or mind and what can help you. Since we are all unique, a prescription from a Dr. that has helped others might not help you. This information is specifically for you, and there aren't many health workers out there that can tap into that information or want to.

If you're still unsure, and want to know more about how my sessions work, please give me a call, let's talk for 15 minutes, and then you can decide. I may not be the right fit for you, or you might feel so comforted and hopeful that you will make the step to your healing journey by setting up a session.

I'm going to continue on doing woman's circles, I have a large Expo coming up in September, and have many other practitioners who will come in to share their gift as well. Right now I can only figure out how to put in events for the month we are in, see I need help with this technical stuff. But that is part of this work as well, is learning all aspects of running a business. So "Like" my Facebook page so you can be up to date on new happenings at Ostara Light Healing Spa.

The Apostle Islands/Bayfield cliffs. It was a tough hike to see this beauty.

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