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Health is our greatest wealth!

I posted about this on social media today, and I didn't know until I finished that post that I would be committing to starting a journey in health, mostly weight loss in front of all my followers. This will at least give me accountability for myself.

I've studied diet and health for over 35 years, you can go under the "About me" section to read more about that. But it feels somewhat off to give health advice to my clients or customers when I'm standing there obviously overweight.

I eat better than I ever have and walk, hike, or bike almost daily, but I still was gaining weight, and injuring my ankle two summers ago during Covid had affected my weight even more. It took a year to hike without worrying about rolling my ankle again, but that's really no excuse,

I do feel blessed that I haven't seen a Dr. in over 20 plus years, I don't take any meds, and I function very well most days. I wish I could do more, bend down easier, and fit into smaller clothes, but I feel truly blessed that I don't have anything more serious going on with my health.

I want to be a good role model. I want to speak what I know about without others coming back that my information is incorrect. It is to them. But we all follow a different health guru or have found what works for us so our belief is what we've learned or heard about, and maybe experienced. And that's great if that's working for you, but I want to say before anyone tries to correct any information that I write in my weekly blogs that I have probably followed some of the same people you have, probably believed or done the trendy things you have already, so if you're trying to teach me something new, believe me, I know I've heard it all. This has been my life for more than half of my life. Yes, I'm open to new information but only if it resonates with me. I'm become very intuitive and work as a medical medium. When I work with clients, I see, feel, and have a knowledge of what their bodies really want. Part of that reading I give is also my belief of what I've learned from the Medical Medium, Anthony William. I do to my best ability, clear my own beliefs so that I can get a clear reading of what spirit says is best for my client.

Back to me. Tomorrow, on the New Moon, October 25, 2022. I'm following the Medical Medium's protocols for not only weight loss, but for health. His information, which comes right from spirit is different than other "diets" because they are to help people actually heal, not just look good. I can go on meth and lose weight, I can beef up with protein powders and do steroids if I think that will give me muscle, but what's really important is to rid the body of toxins, and viruses, so that I don't develop diseases. I and 4 million people follow the Medical Medium, every day I read yet another story of someone who has healed from a so-called mystery illness that Dr.s say there isn't a cure for. I don't believe that, I believe our bodies can cure anything. The right mindset/belief, proper nutrition, after detoxing, and movement I've seen can get you back your health.

In my next blog, next Monday, I will share a few issues I had that I cured with MM's protocols,

Follow along with me if you want to start a healing journey. Here are the first things to do...

Clean out your fridge

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water, starting with 16-32 oz of lemon water first thing upon getting up, every day.

Don't eat any fat until at least noon, so your liver can continue to detox and clean. Fat, especially when you're dehydrated is hard on your heart and liver and makes your blood "dirty" and sluggish.

Move and stretch your body every morning.

I will be adding more to that list, but this is a great start. I'm also giving up all gluten, dairy, eggs, pork, corn, and canola oil. If you want to know the reasons behind this, just google ie medical medium eggs, and you will get the best reasons why these affect the body. Again if you believe you're supposed to eat a half dozen eggs a day, and they're good for you, that is your belief. You could try googling MM's reasons not to, and see if it makes sense to you, if it still doesn't then do what you believe is best for you, but I don't want to hear why you think they are the best superfood in the world. I've heard all those new fitness gurus already speak about it, and I'm not going to change my mind and go backward after what I've been learning and experiencing.


Note: I chose this picture titled "Dark Night of the Soul" because I do know we all have a reason why we are overweight or not healthy. I know my reasons, I went through some dark times in the past, and I carry these pounds of pain for protection. As I release them, I'm sure things will come up again for me. Our bodies hold that pain at a cellular level. I may have bad days where there is a purge of painful energy, but I'm ready now to feel it and let it go.

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