Living in the Northwoods has enlightened me to offer exciting journeys come 2021!

I can't believe I missed November's blog. I had a very blissful, busy November exploring. Our fall has been beautiful and I soaked up each nice day to see a new waterfall or hike a trail system all over Northern WI, and Michigan, around Lake Superior. You can follow me (Ostara Light Healing) on Instagram to view these wonderful places.

Being in nauture is so needed to bring us back into balance: waterfalls put healing ions in the air, ancient forests have a history you can feel, trail systems paved from many feet walking through them ground you and emit aromatherapy from the pine sap.

Traveling to these sites, I often thought of how I want to share certain places that have extra history or healing vibes to them and make that part of the retreats I want to offer in the spring, summer, and fall next year. I've done retreats before but I want something that goes a step further by offering a group of up to 8 women a magical journey choosing among several themed retreats.

My daughter, who has lived in Ashland and Cable for many years, has a good sense of where these sacred places are and we've been exploring them together. When she can, she will help with the retreats, as her experience as a naturalist will be helpful in planning and assisting. Together we will make the retreat a success for your path to healing.

How my retreats work is a whole experience of healing: everything from the food we consume, to the hiking trips, the grounding on the earth, the journaling up against a big old tree, ceremonies and circle time, group meditations, activations and a personal healing and/or message. Each one will have a unique twist to it as you might be needing or called to a certain modality. Some retreats in the past have been done in groups and partnered, where we practice healing techniques on one another, do crafts that are personal to us to take home, and then there are some guided in a way where you are on your own a lot, resting into a various techniques that you need space to integrate it. There are some that might really just want to experience the Northwoods as a tourist by visiting stores, museums, and coffee shops, along with the trails, and sitting together before bed in our pajamas to share life experiences. In the near future I plan to create a booklet of the many different available retreats. Along with your email, I really would like your input. If you are intrigued, what would you hope to experience? Would you like a 2 1/2 day or a 5 day retreat? How far can you register ahead of time? And anything else you would like to add.

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