Last Day

I felt the desire to write one last time in Stevens Point. It's now almost 5 AM and I'm having my pumpkin flavored coffee, it's kind of gross but it's the only creamer I have, it will be dumped later today while emptying out my fridge. I was up at 3:30 AM because I had gone to bed so early due to exhaustion from putting the last items in the storage unit and getting my bed downstairs, and other "Moving" duties.

My son has been helping me a lot, with moving heavy items, there is sadness for me moving so far from him. I've always treated him with too much mothering being my baby boy in my heart even though he's been a grown man for the last 7 years. I will be a little over 3 hours away, it's the farthest I've been from my family and friends, yet my heart is excited to be closer to my daughter. I'm hoping to bond with her more and heal any past wounds. When she flew off to college in the great Northwoods, she never came back, visiting her I could see why. Winters are harsh and a little longer but there is a "Clean" simplicity in the air the further you drive Up North. Big city life has never been my desire so this won't be a big transition for me.

I just have an 8 month lease at an Airbnb cabin due to it being "Off Season." Because it's furnished I had to sell a lot of my furniture or choose to store it. I have no idea if work will come easy for me once settled. I'm hoping to get my name out there as the healer I am. But there is concern being off season and the population being only two thousand.

Money and work has always come easy for me so I'm not too worried. Thankfully I have enough set aside. Part of me wishes I had more so I could take this 8 months to write a book, attend to my health at a full 100%, and explore the Northwoods in my new Merino wool clothing.

I also want to learn the ways of internet exposure, develop a greater following, seems everyone is doing that, but I want to keep my already followers/clients up to date of the new offerings I will have while adding more people from the Northwoods. It's amazing how many connections we can make sitting in the comfort of our homes. I've shyed away from this due to not being very knowledgeable of all the social media avenues but also because I know my energy is felt more by people in person.

It's still dark outside but I need to get going and try to compact my boxes or remove some things to put them in storage instead of trying to fit them in my truck. I don't think I will have enough room in my truck for everything. Oh the stuff we accumulate and feel we need.

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