June=recharge and relax

May is for planting, spring cleaning, and maybe finishing up the school semester. In July all the parties and traveling begins, so what is June about?

I used to feel guilty for down time, there is always just so much dang stuff to do. Do you know just an hour a day to do whatever your heart's desire will actually keep the triggering of an illness to form? I've heard client's say the hour on my table even just once a month not only benefits their physical body but their mind remembers for days and weeks after how it felt to be nurtured in a truly loving giving way. So use June as your time to relax and recharge, you will find that you will actually get more done because you will be doing it in a more desired stress free way.

Your senses play the part in this, so that's why I've created a space that gives you a sensory experience. Each client this month (Until they are gone) will get a tub of high vibrational cream to take home with them, so every time it's used it will take them back to when their face was being pampered after a hot steamed towel. Some of the oils used are Jasmine, neroli, and rose, which are the most prized oils on the planet, not cheap for a reason. Aroma from these oils actually change you at a cellular level.

Feel deserving of taking that hour each day relaxing on a swing, earthing/grounding your bare feet on the grass, forest bathing (walking or sitting in the woods), reading a book outdoors, immersing your body in freshwater or a salt bath, etc.

I've noticed many of my clients having the same issues and complaints. I'm going to start blogging daily or every other day to give you links or information on solutions/remedies that might benefit you or a loved one.

Note: I prefer all appointments be made using my phone number. I never signed up for an email through this site, but did find several emails that by accident came up on "editor" which I never knew about until just recently. If I don't go onto Wix dashboard to make a change or a new blog I won't ever know anyone has emailed me. I do have a separate email that I thought was posted on the website, if you can't find it, it's ostaralighthealing@yahoo.com. I apologize if I hadn't seen your email, and will be getting to them tonight.

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