It Sounded like a good idea

A friend of mine just told me this line above. Because sometimes we have an idea, we manifest if than realize it really wasn't what we thought it would be or hoped for. Although in my case my dream did come true, it was fun, I met many new people and it was a great learning experience and mostly what I hoped for.

I wanted a spa like center where other practitioners would do their work we would invite the public I would have small gathering circles, It would be a cool old house that was comforting for my guests, and I was very excited when that manifested for me. My Halloween party here felt like I had accomplished what I had only dreamed. A hundred people came in and out these doors throughout the day and it was such a success that I had more events after that. My Expo business grew, My intutitive energy healing part of my business also grew. Sometimes when you get bigger in business you don't always make more and yet you're spending more time at it. Growing something does take time and money and you have to decide if the extra stress and time is worth continuing to see where it goes. That great learning experience I've realized even more now what I want in my life.

This was a hard year for many small businesses due to CoVid, but even if CoVid didn't happen I would have had to move from this beautiful historical home that has brought memories to me and for all my guests. Many healings took place here, and connections with people for me and for you. My brother's generously let me rent this place but now have sold it. I believe it was best for all of us to happen now at this time as it was the push I needed to move and start a life that I've had in the back of my mind for many years.

For years I've been wanting to find some land where I can build a self-sustaning earth based home hopefully with a partner. I'm taking baby steps this time so I won't jump and do the thing that "Sounds like a good idea" So I will be renting a cabin in Hayward that has a short lease of 8 months. I didn't think I would be drawn so much to Hayward being such a small city but like going back in time before chain stores arrived everyone congregates downtown, the locals support all the cute shops and tourists enjoy the beauty of this small town surrounded by lakes, and the fresh air from all the trees. Most importantly I will be minutes from my daughter who has been Up North since her college days in Ashland and fell in love with the simplicity of small town living.

Everytime I move to a new town, and yea I've done this many many times over the last 10 years of running my healing business, I feel I bring a healing vibe to not only the people in each city but the town itself. Yes, we all contribute energy whether good or bad to spaces, and our environment. There is a small number of "Lightworkers" in the Hayward area but not enough. I hope I will be an added positive energy to be there to assit the forests and waters helping heal some people in the community.

I will keep my website and phone number so that if you're ever up in the Northwoods you can look me up and come in for a session!

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