It's Time To Simplify!

Just over a year ago I moved into a large historical house that served as my business as well. I don't know yet how much longer I will be here. I can't really blame it all on the pandemic as living simply has been my dream for quite sometime, but an opportunity always popped up to not go that route. Well now it seems priorities have changed. Even though I still have clients calling, I've done a few events although not as many. I'm finding others priorites have also changed and attedning yet another circle or getting a healing for some has to be put on the backburner due to their finacnes. I do feel I was spreading myself a little thin and I even seemed to age more than usual this year. Our health is our greatest wealth, and my focus wants to be more on me caring for myself right now. This past year I've seen what I can do, how awesome it was to have gatherings, planning for them was so much fun, I've met so many new people it was my dream coming true, but that other dream kept resurfacing, and I feel the pandemic kind of pushed me into re-evaluting what is truly important and what do I really want. I want a healthy body, I want to live minimally and have time to explore the states forests and waterfalls, I want to heal people either long-distance or see them in places of serenity. I want to live in different places so I don't have to endure 8 months of winter each year. I know I can have all this. We all can have what we truly want. It takes planning and opportunity.

I have the opportunity now. And so in the coming year I will be planning, simplifying and preparing. I have many items to sell so if you want to create a healing center please contact me to go over what I have before I list it online. I already have clients all over WI, so please follow where I will be in my traveling camper as I might be in your area. Or try one of my sessions long-distance. I know you won't get comfort of my healing hands and space, but I've had much success in the clients I have worked with long-distance and many feel the healing sensations as I'm working on them. You're not just getting a healing, I'm reading your body and what's in your vibration right now that I can translate for you to help you validate what you truly want, and what your body wants from you to change. Being a medical medium and intutitve has really taken over my standard relaxation sessions which was basically a massage, and I know that still is more popular of a choice, but there are many licensed massage therapists to choose from for those needs. I'm moving away from that as my desire to help you on a more emotional level is my true calling. I also consider myself a coach as I've studied many forms of psychology work and I've heard so many times how much talking with me as helped the client during their session even on the phone. I have many options so please look over the menu on my website.

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