I can't believe it's been 8 years!

Reading through massage magazines I've read that most therapists last about 6 years in this field. If therapists don't take care of themselves it can leave us not only physically depleted but emotionally drained. Being an empath I can take others pain mentally and physically. Yet I can't see myself doing anything else as the reward of helping someone, seeing their body soften and relax, leaving with a peaceful glow is a gift I receive back.

I took three days off to go on a mini vacation with my daughter this past week. I don't take many days off, I've always felt some guilt turning down clients. I felt a newness even more mentally than physically. I've been working 6 days a week, 8 hours shifts and I still have clients who want me to see them on my time off. I've noticed I can't give my best to the session when I'm overextending myself. It has also been affecting my health. So I've made the decision that I have to put me first so I can give you my best. You deserve to have a session/healing given by a therapist who can give you their 100%.

Starting today I'm going to back off on my hours so I can recharge and take care of myself by going to the gym, cooking homemade healthy meals and just taking a little stress out of my life. My hours will be as follows...

Mon. 10am-6pm

Tues. Off

Wed. 10am-6pm

Thurs. Off

Fri. 10am-6pm

Sat. Off

Sunday 10am-6pm

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