I awoke with such great hope!

As I was scrolling Facebook when first arising like many of us do. I read an article a friend had posted about the stuckness so many are in because society has created this image we should follow. Working for someone else to get a couple weeks off a year so we can have "More Things" comparing ourselves to others to see who has more, who looks better, who get's more likes. We've read this kind of article before but I had many ah ah's with this one today.

I look to many like I'm living the dream so many desire, I work for myself, I can take off whenever I want. As a single woman I've supported myself for the last 17 years. Just years ago I was turning down up to 15 clients a day, easily making $500/day. There are people who make $500/hour and some $500/week does that really matter if we aren't living our life with true purpose and able to be free of what others think of us? I did so many things I really didn't want to do just to please others. Our spirit can only take this for so long.

So I decided to take that money I earned buy some land and live simply by living tiny in a minimalist way, see just a couple clients a day, go on my adventures to different hiking trails, kayak new streams and lakes, put my wealth into my health by taking care of myself and having the time to do so. But then I was generously offered to live in a beautiful large home, which I have so dearly enjoyed, there is nothing wrong with living a life with grand things if you can afford it and I was given this opportunity to do it for cheaper due to my family's generosity. After being here just a year, I have grown my business in a different way, like I had wanted, sharing this space with so many. A quick note here: When you look like you have a lot of wealth people will take advantage of you, feel you owe them something because they have less. This has been heart breaking because you think others are like yourself and would never do that. Some are happy for me, some take from me, some are jealous because they are just seeing the outer exterior of what they think I have, but don't realize I have my troubles as well, cry like they do, worry too much about the future.

Six years ago I was reading a book and a desire flashed through me of wanting to live someone warmer where I could get fresh produce all year long that I could grow or purchase from another farmer. Many of us get down or in a funk this time of the year due to lack of sunshine and the need to have the furnace running everyday. I've kept that feeling within me but knew I needed to be here for my son who wasn't ready yet to be completely on his own. Now both my children have another loved one in their lives and the guilt of me wanting to be selfishly happy is gone.

I feel a freedom today that got sparked from reading another's words. A freedom to not be scared to go where my heart desires. I don't care if I have a big house because then I just buy more things I don't even see 364 days out of the year, I don't even care if Dan doesn't accept my body because it's not the way he prefers (a 13 year battle) I don't care if some think I'm a little crazy because I change my mind a lot. I don't care if I'm different than the rest of my family because I don't look the part like society has taught us. Who care if I want to live in a small hut in a community of like-minded people. I'm 52 and finally ready to live the life I want, and it just might be in the beautiful mountains hiking on trails surrounded by waterfalls, and healing people with my energy work giving hope to those that need to hear that they can do whatever they want too.

And one last thing, I don't post this to get any likes or comments. If it helps one person think differently about their own life than that would be awesome, if not that's okay too. I just feel so happy and hopeful, and to be this way should be an inspiration. I hope I inspired you to take that next step to get out of the rat race and be in control of your own life!

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