Does anyone need to talk?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

What are people really needing the most right now? And what skill set do I have to help with those needs. I'm not massaging clients anymore, I'm not licensed and all my healing clients are 3 1/2 hours away. What most of my clients from the past have always said to me is how easy I am to talk with. They loved my soothing voice and down to earth personality. A handful even stopped seeing their therapist because coming to me was more helpful. It's not just the pleasant conversation that is beneficial but my knowledge and experience in teaching others about the Law of Attraction, healing from depression, anxiety, knowledge on how to heal from mystery illness or any kind for that matter. I also do intuitive readings at a different rate, which can be found on my webpage.

For the rest of the month of January I'm going to offer a low price of $15/30 mins of conversation, but you can add more 30 min increments as needed as long as it's scheduled. You may start off with a free 5 minute phone call to see if you resonate with my energy. Then beginning Feb. 2021 the rate is $20/30mins. All topics included, I have much knowledge in relationship advice as well, as I did online courses and have a library of books I've read on this topic. I've also studied a lot of Anthony William's work on healing mystery illnesses or any illness you may have. Being a medical medium myself, many times spirit comes through to offer me up individual information of what's needed for you to heal. I had to change up this blog somewhat because I put up an ad on this service online and after receiving a few calls I feel I need to be more clear of my boundaries and what kind of client I'm looking for.

If you want to text me at first to make an appointment for the first free 5 min call please limit the texting back and forth. We can discuss how I can help you through the first free phone call. So text me to set up that time that both works for us. I won't be going over with our time on the phone calls. Sorry, I won't be sending pics of myself lol, Yes I'm getting those kinds of questions. You have a face photo to see who you are talking with. Even though all topics of discussion are open, if I start feeling uncomfortable with any conversation I will tell you so and ask you to stop and if you do not I have the right to hang up. I will give you the opportunity to apologize and guide you on how to be respectful during conversation.

Even though I have boundaries and will stick to them I'm pretty laid back and can be a pleasant and helpful person that can assist you with the help you need. If you've ever been to counselor or therapist that is the type of coaching you would be receving from me. I recommend you continue seeing your licensed therapist if you are already doing that. If I feel a licensed professional is needed for you I may suggest that if I can't help you.

If I need to block you, please understand that I do this not only for my own safety but I'm teaching you how I want to be treated. You have crossed that line after several attempts of asking you how I conduct business and you continued to overstep those boundaries.

So enough of all that serious stuff. Let's start off the year by making the changes we want for ourselves. We have the power to have the lives the way we want, and if you have no idea how to do that, then give me a call!

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