Help me out!

As I'm honoring where I'm being led in my work, an idea came up in my head the other morning of how to get the message out.

Intuitive messages, and different kinds of healing have been taking place on clients. Doing a full relaxation session has always been my most asked for option, and more women have tried the energy healing/intuitive light work. Not everyone can make it to my place to get an hour session and experience the magic that comes from my hands. Seeing a client physically also drains more out of me that four clients has been the max amount I can see in a day. I've been doing a little long distance work, the healing and messages come much quicker this way, and I've had some amazing results.

So starting this Monday I want to offer 10 free long distance healing sessions. I ask that this be from new clients who haven't tried this yet. By getting a free session all I ask is that you share the accuracy of the session, and if you felt anything physically going on. I will also offer half off long distance session for 3 friends that you share this with. Or they can come in for a physical healing session at $10 off a 30 min. session or $20 off a 60 min session.

How this works is by emailing me at I don't need your name but if you have a question or specific health issue please share that without much detail. I will tell you when I will be doing the healing, as sometimes at that specific time you may feel the work being done. I will email you back with what came through to me.

I will leave a blog when I've reached the 10 free sessions, and also share it on my Facebook page. If you would like to come in for a physical session after the long distance you can get the same offer as sharing it with your friends.

If you want to see me in person and can't make it here, I will have a booth set up at a Health and Wellness Expo in Antigo on May 20th. I will be doing 11min. sessions for $11. More information on that will be on the website under "Expo appearances" and on my Facebook page.

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