Everything happens when it should, how it should, embrace that!

I've been somewhat absent with my business online. I see many businesses in my line of work taking advantage of Zoom classes, gatherings, and private sessions that can be done on the computer. A couple of friends urged me to do the same, as out of sight out of mind can happen if you don't keep yourself in the loop. But each day I put it off. Part of it is me not being very good at technology, afraid to learn but I feel even more so is the fact that I know my work is felt energetically through being close to someones field. When I do healing touch it's felt through my hands, and although I've been doing some long-distance healing nothing beats the in-person type of session. My words don't come off to the kind of healer I am. It has to be felt.

The week after Christmas, I came down with a virus that lasted about 10 days, when I look back on it now it most likely was the Corona. My immune system was down somewhat due to some emotional things in my life, otherwise I never get sick. I wish I would have taken better care of those emotional needs, but I believe it happened so that I am immune to getting it now so that I can see clients physically, and heaven forbid if they make us take a vaccine for this I won't have to.

About seeing clients physically, that is a decision I've gone back and forth with depending each day on what I read. Licensed massage therapists and counselors are considered essential. I'm not licensed in either but my work provides the same outcome in a sense or maybe more according to my clients. The first couple weeks I didn't see anyone yet the calls kept coming in from regulars wanting to see me. After I thought about it, I decided to see one client a day, leaving enough time for if any germs were left behind in the air. All surfaces were sprayed down with alcohol and I had several N95 face masks to rotate with. I've worked in a medical facility for 8 years, also ran a store that had a soda fountain bar, I know the rules for proper cleaning. Clients were asked to take off shoes and coat before entering the house and wash hands before heading upstairs. This has worked for me and my clients.

A few days ago I was out taking a walk, I had just turned the corner close to my home and my right ankle rolled in, I fell into the street and didn't think I was going to be able to get back up. After I hobbled back inside, I realized this being the 3rd time for this ankle that I was going to have to be off my foot for several weeks. This is so upsetting because daily I get clients who seem to need me more and more for emotional support along with the healing touch. There are reasons that this happened, and now on day three I'm starting to see them.

My attitude has been very uplifted in spite of what is going on. I even felt teary eyed today feeling so much love from my family helping me, my friends offering, the forced time of being alone to heal my foot and heal other aspects of myself. If you feel differently about your circumstance, if you are fearful right now please know that even if you can't see me in person I do have a phone. If you need more then a quick text or message on messenger you can also book with me for a full session, this can be energy healing or some general coaching/conversation to help you see the good in your life that you do have, to vent, or receive guidance on how to get out of any depressing thoughts. I'm here for you.

This was a text sent to me this morning from a client I haven't seen in a while that wanted to come in today. These are little reminders to me that what I'm doing is making a difference and is so helpful in times like these.

After I suggested going to see a chiropractor he said "I was hoping for something more relaxing. I miss your nurturing style, but I don't travel for work anymore so that's why I haven't been to see you." After I said best of luck with your shoulder he said "You're welcome. I always left there feeling loved and very well taken care of. Wish I lived closer. Best of luck to you as well"

I don't get too many online reviews, I never ask anyone to give me one. I was told by a couple clients though that they would leave me one but don't want their name shown because some things shared were very personal. Know that you can leave a first name only, and know that no one knows the in-depth conversation or healing that you personally had. I've had felons, abused clients, famous people, head of corporations, people who thought they were so different from anyone else but yet felt comfortable enough to share their story with me. This is so sacred, and I'm honored to be a part of your healing. You are not alone, not different, you are perfect how you are and you are not broken. If you don't like where you are, who you are, you have a choice to change your life to whatever you desire. If you need help with that, then here I am!

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