Desire To Be Greater!

The image below was taken from a post today from a woman who at my age sold everything to go to Bosnia to unearth a pyramid. Her group is excavating the largest pyramid on Earth. It's been hidden from the media. Most data says that this is fake, yet she is exploring the caverns and tunnels from a 26,000 yr old energy generator that is the largest on this Earth. They call it the "Pyramid of the Sun" and it will be exposed soon. I told her how I was inspired by her post and what great books she will write from her experience. See I'm part of a group of 6,000 people who are taking a 21 day online writing course from Mike Dooley, who has self-published many books before using a publisher. The people in this group are from all over the planet, we are sharing our stories on a Facebook group. We receive writing prompts daily and are encouraged to share a sentance from our writings. Each week we get to do a "Question and Answer" hour with Mike Dooley and his parnter Hope. I'm learning so much about writing to prepare my writing muscle for when I hibernate this winter in a cabin next to the fireplace in the great Northwoods. Even though there are all ages of this group, I'm so inspired by the women in their second stage of life after raising children, after going through many heartaches through abuse and hardships that want to share how they've overcome their hurddles and have gone on to live these lives of greatness. My heart literaly felt like it was being opened to all that there is out there that can make ones heart sing. Whether you're on your journey of raising your children or like me starting the second stage of my life, and eliminating my "Stuff." I feel a sense of freedom that I can go anywhere, do anything, and not be afraid to be inspired and inspire others.

I write this to give hope to the ones who feel a sense of longing for something that they can move towards, what makes their heart sing, and to leave behind what isn't serving them anymore. I hope after coming out of hibernation and exploring waterfalls and forests to hold mini-retreats in magical places to inspire women in whatever stage of life they're on to not be afraid to honor what their soul is wanting. Changing limiting beliefs, and the courage to move in the direction of their own North star!

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