Cleansing to Heal

As I'm going through my 9-day liver cleanse, I'm feeling the affects like any addict would. I felt it important to blog about this because no matter what addiction you want to release, this information can really help you, because understanding the chemistry of what's going on gives you the knowledge to then get you through the toughest process.

Last night I was watching a stupid movie that I ended up not finishing. In the beginning they showed this table with a huge feast of all different kinds of foods. I started fantasizing about buying everything I wasn't allowing my body to enjoy due to wanting to loose weight and be more healthy.

I'm on day 5 today of not eating meat, dairy, fat, gluten, sugar or coffee. I've only been eating fruits and veggis. I was doing pretty good until those thoughts started arrising. Reading chapter 25 in the "Cleanse to Heal" book by Anthony Williams he explains why this happens. I'm hoping that I get through these thoughts, here's what's going on.....

When we withhold troublemaker foods, viruses and unproductive bacteria begin to starve. These pathogens start to excrete signal chemicals. The chemicals can then enter our brain and stimulate hunger messaging receptors. We want to be in control and take away it's fuel source and usher the pathogen out of the body. It's actually a good sign because the viruses and bacteria are losing strength-and doing a little whining on the way out.

We are all viral without realizing it and viruses, viral neurotoxins, and dermatoxins have filled up our fat cells. Those fat cells protect us making us feel less sick because they act as a buffer. When we start cleansing those fat cells, which means that the viruses and viral waste they've absorbed get released, we can feel under the weather for a little while. We all have fat cells within our organs so any of us can experience these effects even if you don't visibly look like you need to lose weight. Starving these viruses boost your immune system and helps you get out of many illnesses not just weight loss.

Pathogens aren't always behind our cravings, cravings have an emotional component. Some of us are eating comfort foods thinking it's helping sadness, guilt, fear, anger and lonliness. The adrenaline that harbors the pain of that trauma gets stored deep in the neurons of the emotional centers of the brain. That's usually not a bad thing; emotional walls exist to protect us. Pain tends to resurface, and then the urge to eat makes us want to reach out to what comforts us.

One of the reasons we consume comfort foods is to sop up the adrenaline. Traditional comfort foods are usually high in fat, that fat is what's doing the sopping. Then the stress hormone becomes trapped in our fat cells-fat cells then take up resisdence in our organs. Taking away these comfort foods, such as when you're on a cleanse dissolves the old fat cells, and that releases the adrenaline that had been trapped away. Past emotions tied to the adrenaline can surface, and that can make us want to reach for the foods we ate last time.

If you're having a hard time trying to overcome any addiction or other physical illness, properly cleansing the body in a gentle way will give you greater success. Going on a keto diet, starving yourself with intermittment fasting (Which affects the adrenals) is never long-lasting, and in the long-run can only make you sicker. All foods have an energy to them, and the high vibration of organic fruits has phytonutrients and a healing comfort designed to keep us healthy. Do you know that our brains need fruit gloucouse? When you refrain from fruit we will constantly be craving sweets. People suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depresssion or any other neurological issues need twice as much fruit to heal the brain. if you want to know more about this I highly recommend the book "Cleanse to Heal" by Anthony William aka Medical Medium.

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