Are you feeling "Not yourself?'

Even though we are the same person, our personalities have been shifting because our "Personal Reality" has.

I really haven't been myself because a small injury had me basically forced to lay around for 3 weeks, I have no muscle tone left but have finally been able to walk with a crutch or hobble and stand in place for up to an hour, so slowly the muscle will come back, but it's made me understand others that have gone through an injury or illness where their life is completely changed. I feel so blessed to have a deeper understanding of how it affects ones mind, what techniques can be helpful and understand that everyone is affected in different ways. The pandemic hasn't really affected me like it has some. I almost feel I had to go through another form of trauma so I wouldn't keep going on like nothing has changed. This is a time to go inward, do some healing, find ourselves, take a step back from our busy lives to contemplate how we want to change. Without injuring myself I would have missed that opportunity. Are you taking time to go inward? Or are you still working, going on with your day to day tasks?

If your world has been shifted all over the place due to our global pandemic, and you're not feeling yourself, I would love to work with you and help you with anxiety, frustrations or you might need to relax, unwind, vent your concerns or get some insight from your guides on any topic that is concerning you.

I'm limiting my service to two in-person clients a day so for one, I'm not standing too many hours on my foot and two, to respect clients who are taking precautions based on their beliefs knowing that someone just wasn't in the healing space right before them. I take pride in having a clean environment, and do have masks if you desire that they be used.

Right now I won't or can't hold my small workshops, but hopefully soon that will change and we can once again have small circles of 8 in a large enough space to enjoy each others company learning and celebrating ceremonies.

I still have scheduled a large Expo at the Holiday Inn Convention Center for June 14th. It hasn't been decided yet if hotels will still be closed at that date. So keep updated by liking "Wisconsin Alternative Health & Metaphyscial Expo" As we have a large talented group of vendors lined up and 2 classrooms of presenters and classes set for that day.

I wish you all good health, you know what to do for your physical bodies, but if you're needing some mental or emotional support please reach out to me. I also offer long-distance sessions which are listed on my website.

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