Alternative Health Expos

I've done several booths this past year with great success letting the public get a sample of my work as a healer/coach/intuitive. It's hard to describe my work as I blend so many different modalities into one session. Over the past 7 years it's pretty much been strictly massage/ or as I call it relaxation. But I'm wanting to move my work more to healing with an emphasis on doing some medical medium work, other intuitive messages and personal coaching.

It's been hard finding local Expos/Fairs with other like minded practitioners so I've decided to be the host and doing them myself. I'm still working on dates but am aiming on having them set up at the Holiday Inn, Sundays once a month or every other month bringing all kinds of healers, intuitives/readers, massage therapists, and business owners selling their crafts that are all things spiritual or alternative. If you know someone who might have interest please forward them the link to my website so they can contact me. I'm waiting on dates, but hope to do it mid September. Also if you have suggestions, or what you would like to see please comment below. If you haven't already tried my service I will also be a vendor at my own Expos giving sample healings $11/11 minutes.

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