A personal note to Hayward

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I've been in Hayward for 20 days. The itch to get back to what I do best and put myself out there with my work has led me to post on Facebook groups and write this personal blog to you. I want to tell you more about myself as a person.

I'm 52, single, and moved to the area after visits to see my daughter. She lives in Cable, and is the Curator for the Cable Natural History Museum. I fell in love with the small town vibe, the cleaner air, and even the different looks of the trees in the forests.

The forest is where I feel most grounded, so you may see me hiking on trails all over the area. I'm all set with clothing and equipment to do snowshoeing on many of these trails. I also love to kayak and bike. Even though I don't fish or hunt, I grew up with fish always stacked up in the sink and worms in our fridge because fishing was my dad's life. I visited the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward and felt him there along with me. I also love interior design, painting, and have a good sense of what makes a space feel good. It's called Feng Shui. I've flipped and sold five houses on my own, and recently renovated a camper this past spring. I love this so much that I'm planning on offering that with my services. I'm working on posting all my before-and-after photos on my Instagram page.

As you've read on my website, I'm also fascinated with Airbnb and VRBO. It would be my dream to own several of my own, because I love making a space feel relaxing and applealing to friends and guests. This includes everything from cleaning, picking out the right bath products, using organic supplies and fabrics and linens, to full-on redesigning the space. I know there are a lot of guest stays up north, so if you have a place that needs some TLC or even just cleaning, I'm your person for that. I do have references, as I did my first space in Arbor Vitae this time last year, and before I left my hometown of Stevens Point, I joined in with a realtor to help paint and stage a home to list for sale.

Lastly, I want to say that this work can seem a little out there for some. But I've seen every type of person with my work--every age, from 13 months to 80 years old, every background including people working in construction, farmers, bar owners, attorneys, teachers, recovering addicts, felons, kids who don't understand their gifts, and more. And we all have one thing in common--we just want to feel good. We are more alike than we think. That is the reason why I'm even writing a book, which will be short stories on my clients, what I've learned from them, and the amazing healings that took place.

I hope to be welcomed into this community, and hope to help many of you feel good again! Michele

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