Little Girl's Point * Waterfalls

When: July 23, 6:00 PM- July 25th- 3:00 PM

Where:  Lodging in Ironwood, MI.  TBA

Waterfalls and Beaches:  Interstate Falls/Peterson Falls,                                                              Superior Falls, and Little Girl's Point

About:  This weekend retreat is themed around working on our inner child. As little girls, we all have had some form of hurt. You will be picking as many rocks as you would like on Lake Superior at Little Girls Point, but two of them will be picked intentionally to bring back to the lodge to paint symbols or images on them. One to bury the past and another to place in a garden as a reminder of the nurturing healing that will take place this weekend. On the way to this lovely rock and driftwood-filled beach, we will stop at two waterfalls where a brief meditation on healing old wounds takes place. 

Sunday we will drive up to Lake Superior again to see the beautiful Superior Falls. We will have a picnic lunch there. Some of the afternoon you will have alone time to journal and have the option to either see the falls from the top or take the 90 ft trail down to see the falls from a different viewpoint.

Other activities: We will have a forgiveness fire ceremony Saturday night after dinner.


Pasties are really popular in Michigan and we will be driving right past a famous "Traveler's choice" restaurant called Joe's Pasty Shop. We will pick up our pasties Saturday for lunch and take them to the beach.

We will have some inner-child work circle time, a sharing circle,  a group healing, and storybook time before bed. We will also bake cookies Friday evening because that's what little girls like right?

Rate includes All activities and classes, guided message, food, and lodging. Although the retreat ends at 3:00 PM, Sunday, you may stay that night at no extra charge. All meals except for the Pasty lunch. There are other lunch options downtown also. I will be making pizzas and salads for Saturday's dinner at the cottage. I will have plenty of fruit and healthy breakfasts and snacks as well. $365 if paid for by June 15th, 2021. You need to be paid by July 1st for lodging purposes. 

once you pay for ticket. There are only 8 slots for retreats.