About Michele

After working in the medical field for 8 years, Michele found her passion for alternative health. After getting trained in Reiki, she started attending seminars all over the U.S. on topics that teach about the mind-body and spirit connection. She attended numerous seminars with master teachers, authors, scientists, and MDs, such as Dr.Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, and many more. This expanded her interest and energy healing became the natural next step. 
She continued to get certified in other forms of energy healing such as Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing, and Access Conscious Bars. Over the years she also continued her own home study on Quantum-Touch, the use of essential oils, the "Abraham" material with Esther Hicks, the healing power of organic produce taught by Anthony Williams, and the Law of Attraction. 
The more clients she worked on the more medical intuition surfaced and the sessions began to take on a new level. Now instead of doing a specific form of energy healing, she blends all the knowledge and training into a relaxing, magical healing session that is her true gift.
In 2018, Michele decided to jump in and finally start group workshops/circles for women, something that she has been wanting to do for some time.
Due to moving out of her larger center, and into the Northwoods, Michele has transformed the dynamics of her workshops and circles to become weekend retreats and half-day retreats. They now focus on visiting magical places such as the many waterfalls and forests in Northern WI, and MI. Weekend retreats will have small groups gathering at one of the many Airbnbs to create a life-transforming experience, or meeting at the Cable Community Center for the half-day retreats. These offer forest bathing experiences along with group ceremonies.

Opening June 1st in the quaint town of Cable, WI, will be the new home of "The Healing Shop" We will have products that are mostly zero-waste, organic, and provide you with daily essentials that are safe for your body, home, and our environment.

Beyond the store, a little farther back will be the healing room where she performs the magical healing sessions most of you have been able to experience for the last 10 years.